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Remember DJ TORITO on the Radio..

This is his DJ bio...  One of our best DJ Talents

"DJ TORITO is not just an ordinary house DJ, he is an experience...

He is a state of mind.

He is the transporter of minds and souls to an amazing frantic paradise that, while leaving you knackered. He also will leave you feeling re-invigorated.

At 6 ft’ tall and broad-shouldered, with his trademark green eyes 👀 , a chunky ostentatious chain around his neck, and immaculate sense to dress (if it’s not designer, it doesn’t go anywhere near him) he makes an imposing figure who commands respect.

His confident appearance is matched by his masterful control of a good mixing desk. Before each set he always powers down the previous track and leads the packed dance floor in a show of appreciation for the out-going DJ, before kick-starting his performance into a blaze of visuals, an orchestra of special effects which extracts every quality beat to each track as he begins his show.

Watching DJ TORITO is part of the LOLMIAMI experience. Cocky? Perhaps, but certainly not arrogant, DJ TORITO is now in control of the minds and bodies of his audience. A very precise and confident body language gives a visual indication to what he is playing as he acts out each track.

Yet, he is not dancing; this is something far more emotional. Imagine watching a porn star having hot, rough, yet passionate but dominating sex to a breathless, wailing lover which, in this case, comes in the shape of a mixing desk. Forceful, dominant, aggressive yet somehow tender and caring. All attributes to his name! 


The visual impact allows your body to further immerse itself in the ecstasy he is submitting you into; your ears alone cannot possibly absorb everything that he is throwing at you.

As for his sound, imagine every track as a partially completed canvas. Through the use of effects on the mixing desk, DJ TORITO adds his own color, texture and feel as he maximizes every beat and tune of every track into harmony, to create the unique DJ TORITO sound and groove. His precision mixing at incalculable speeds, is part of the show; as each track mixes in, you can positively feel the dance-floor going up a notch every time he touches the board, to keep up with the frantic and energetic DJ that he is.

He is also very well animated on the mic 🎤 🎙 As he has had many years of experience being a Resident Radio DJ in Miami for more than 20 years!! Being Bi-lingual and having grown up in the streets of Miami, his way of animating and approaching the crowd is unmatchable and very well recognized. His voice makes people shout and respond to his hypnotized vibe. Everybody goes crazy and shouts!!! He knows his crowd!

DJ TORITO blends vocals uplifting the crowd while elevating the mood constantly to other rhythms as well. That will have you dancing to different tunes without you even realizing it sometimes. And you’ll be left out wondering how did he do that!? Bouncing around moving from House to Latin-Rythms and EDM with open formats that leave you understanding this is an overall DJ that knows how to please the crowd.

Like him: NO OTHER! Outgoing , also very humble. believe it or not, understands his whole role, and yet, very accessible. When #DJTORITO makes eye contact with you, even if only be for a second, you get to experience the ultimate unique sensation of him seeking your soul and seal of approval in one second. 

At that moment you have transcended being a mere audience member, part of what will almost certainly be the set of the night. The sheer euphoria you feel will be unique and exceptional like no other in your whole life. DJTORITO would have left you knowing him and what it’s like to experience his edge. Are you ready to dive? 

Breathless, skin tingling and with a grin on your face from ear to ear, you feel as though every drop of energy that has been put, pulled and sucked right out of you, just like those few moments after one of the best orgasms of your life.. will be unforgettable.

Accompanying #DJ TORITO to a gig is quite an experience. He is literally mobbed upon his arrival and departure from each gig, with fans eager to speak to their idol, or have their photograph taken with him. Mobile phones  📷  📱  📸   are designed for such occasions as his devotees put one arm around him and pose with their Hero as the other arm acts as a remote-controlled tripod, for the Picture -Portrait.

Fortunately, #DJTORITO and his crew, double up as proficient photographers, for those not quite so adept at taking their own photos. DJ TORITO is always more than happy to oblige, which on one hand is good for the clubbers, but on the other a logistical nightmare for his crew, when trying to get DJ TORITO from the club entrance to the DJ decks for his set, then escort him back again in a timely manner. And for the time he is performing, the space right in front of the DJ decks is hotly contested floor space.

DJ TORITO is the standard that so many more strive for. You can listen to his CD compilations or download many Live Mixes through a plethora of websites. But listening to one of these is like, trying to view a fine piece of ass through a telescope. You need to see him live to really appreciate the full and overwhelming experience that comes with the lights! 

The Saviour of all Events is here!!!

You can generally tell if an EDM event is going to be credible and worth the money if you see DJTORITO’s name heading the DJ line-up. It’s almost like seeing a quality assurance seal, royal crest or five star rating". ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


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